I’ve spent the past 11 days in hibernation, or “hermit mode” as I’ve always called it. I haven’t left the homestead since New Year’s Day except for one quick jaunt up the road to pick up chickens. Not chicken as in groceries, chickens as in henhouse. We planned ahead for this, even let people know…

Of Sirens and Satan and Sisters and Snow

This morning I had an unusual dream. I know, dreams are weird by nature, but lately they’ve been really vivid and included many people and symbols I’ve never encountered before. And I know it’s SO BORING listening to other people’s dreams but I’ve decided hey, this is my blog, so if I’m going to write about something I’ll do it here and folks can choose whether to read or pass on by. Those who read on are about to discover that I’m a little woo-woo, but if I keep overthinking what’s appropriate to post then my blog is going to fade into the ether and there are at least three people who think that would be sad. Yes, I am one of them.

So in this dream I’m back behind “our home” and there is a huge wall of snow, 20′ high and maybe 60′ wide. It’s loosely packed, like snowflakes have fallen but not melted or stuck together. I’m shoveling it away from the wall when I notice a big, dark hole has opened up.