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Tomatomania: Potting Up and Lessons Learned

El Niño Esta Aquí

The Hugel Bed is Sprouting?

Seedling Overload

Bird, Bee & Butterfly Buffet

Starting Seeds, Salve For My Soul

Putting the BLOOM Back in Bloomfield


“12 Weeks in Bloomfield” Sing-Along

Miney-Roo, How Could You?

A Start to the Garden, A Long Way to Go

It’s Eenie, Meanie & Miney No Mo’

A Month Already?

Bloomfield, CA, We Have Arrived!

We’re Buying A Home!

A Ray of Hope as the House Hunt Continues

Raising Monarchs: Collecting & Protecting Caterpillars

Raising Monarchs: Get Started, Plant Milkweed

House-Hunting Overload

The Hunt Begins

Garden Surprises

Nasturtium, Not Just a Pretty Face

Lettuce Weather

Mamma Mia! Saucy Sausage Pizza on Homemade Dough

Prettiest Popcorn I Ever Did Grow!



Apples, Onions, and Chutney for All

From Monarchs to Mosaics, Always Something New to Learn

The Swallowtail Who Stole My Heart

Where Have Your Bean All My Life?

The Monarchy Rallies On (Raising Monarchs, Part III)

Later To’Maters? Maybe Not Just Yet

Blog Writer’s Process Tour

Pile’s of Peppers

Cukes and Zukes

Monarch’s are GO! (Raising Monarchs, Part II)

Monarchs are Sprouting! (Raising Monarchs, Part 1)

Trouble in the Garden Part II + Shishito Peppers

A Home for Bees

San Diego on Fire… Again?

Saving Seeds, Like a Ninja

Garlicky Lemon Grilled Artichokes

Gimme a G!

Easy Coconut Thai Grilled Shrimp? Yes Please!

My How Your Garden Has Grown!

The Raccoon-Proof Fence (Insert Laughter Here)

Spring Forward! NOW!


Springtime is Coming!!!

Lemon Chicken Artichoke Yum-Yum

DIY ‘Germination Station’

A Look Back at 2013


Pallet Box Garden

Bolting Basil = Pesto Time!

Grilled Veggie Goodness

We’re Sprouting!

Buckwheat, Peas and a Box of Dirt

Planning for Fall

Fresh New Blog, Same Old Bugs

Garden of (Good) Eatin’

A Healthy Addiction

Tortilla Española

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