El Niño Esta Aquí

It’s a crazy day here in Bloomfield! The long-promised El Niño storm system has finally arrived and it is no joke. Water is pouring from the sky and neighboring meadows have become seasonal ponds…


…the highway is closed and traffic is being diverted through our tiny town with its tiny streets and tight corners…

Valley Ford Rd closed, traffic diverted through Bloomfield

Huge trucks and trailers are flying around tight, flooded corners and not everyone is faring well. We saw smoke coming from behind our barns and went out to find road flares blocking one end of the street and this unlucky tanker blocking the other…

The only ones who seem to be enjoying the rain are those silly chickens, who could be in their nice dry coop but prefer to run around soaking wet!

Not even an epic storm can shut up this damn rooster who seems to think it’s his job to make sure it’s never, ever quiet here anymore.


Nevertheless, we desperately need this rain and more. It is really nice to see the trees all perked up, looking sparkly and gorgeous! I was happy to see many magnolia blossoms are still holding tight even as the leaves start to fill in and the rain threatens to dislodge their fragile petals.


And if nothing else, it’s a great excuse to take a break from yard work. I’m always looking for an excuse to stay in my PJ’s all day but there’s always too much to do outside. Thanks to this monster storm though I think PJ’s and a hot cuppa are the responsible choice, and I’m nothing if not responsible. Stay safe and warm everyone!



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  1. Lilli says:

    Similar conditions here Sheri and Jon. I had just enough time to finish digging my hopeful holes for new Apple and Japanese maple treea before it let loose. I’ll have to see if they drain well enough. I’m back inside in my jammies too !

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    1. Sheri Fox says:

      We had a couple trees to plant as well, but we’re waiting til Monday. This weekend looks pretty exciting out there, Jon just read that Lake Shasta could fill up! Safe safe and cozy Lilli 😉


  2. Helen says:

    Your first picture reminds me of a scene I saw today when at the local farm for my groceries. I’m glad you’ve had water though and a chance to relax in your PJs 🙂


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