Miney-Roo, how could you?

I am not a morning person. For me, farm life begins around 10 a.m. Once I’ve had my toast and tea I take my coffee out to the coop and let the girls come out to play. I had no intention of ever keeping a cocky, noisy, doesn’t-know-it’s-only-4 a.m. rooster. And yet there is a rooster in our midst. It seems I’ve been betrayed by my dear, sweet Miney.


People say it’s a good idea to have a strong, healthy rooster to protect the girls from predators. We certainly learned the hard way with the loss of Meanie that our flock is at risk, but I’m not sure Miney would be my first choice as the protector of the flock.

Miney, winner of the prestigious Most Awkward Chicken Award maybe.


Miney, who can’t figure out how to reach the other side of the gate despite the fact it’s not connected to anything.


Miney, who stands on my boot, trips over the water bowl, falls down stairs, and crashes blindly into low-hanging branches. Miney, scared of his own tail feathers (but what lovely tail feathers they are!).


Miney, my spastic little goofball and constant source of quiet entertainment. How could she he do this to me?? Hmmmm???


I’ve been hoping beyond hope that she’s just an extremely handsome hen, but I checked in with the nice folks at backyardchickens.com and they tell me to give in. At the very least, those pointy feathers spell rooster all the way.


So I guess we have a little roo in our flock, and of course it has to be Miney, my gentle little goofball. I will keep him, of course, and pray that he retains his sweet, quiet manner. Beyond that, we just have to hope our little genetic misfit never figures out how to reproduce!


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  1. Barbara Dutra says:

    Could he/she possibly be blind?? Or at least near-sighted???


    1. Sheri Fox says:

      Yes, to be fair we’ve thought from the start she was partially blind at least in one eye. Oops, I mean he. Hard to get used to! I tried testing his sight with my hand and he didn’t track like the others. He also uses his talons to find the food and water bowls. Good call.


  2. Ah, I’d keep him too. I look forward to further adventures of Miney. Blind or not, he’ll be a constant source of joy.


    1. Sheri Fox says:

      He’s so dear, I look forward to further adventures too. As long as he doesn’t start crowing too early! Thx for following this funny little roo and me 🙂


  3. Kathy Sturr says:

    I love the call of a rooster and even recorded it on my phone. As long as it’s at a decent time of day ha ha. I am not a morning person either though I try and try to become one. Beautiful rooster! I think he is just perhaps a late bloomer and will be brave and fierce!


    1. Sheri Fox says:

      haha really? Is it your ringtone? I hope you are right and he will be brave and fierce but if not… at least he’s good lookin’. I am warming up to the idea of a roo. He cockle-doodled for the first time a few days ago and it was actually adorable. Of course it was 3pm and he only did it three times so it was perfect. The most entertaining part was how surprised he looked!

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