A Month Already?

Well so much for my planned weekly updates! I can’t believe we’ve been living here in Bloomfield for a month already, but at the same time I feel like we’ve lived here forever. We couldn’t have chosen a better spot to start our next adventure. I know a lot of people were concerned that we’d miss San Diego so I want to set your minds at ease and share some evidence that things are turning out just fine.

Let’s start with those who worried we’d miss that beautiful San Diego sunset. I’m happy to report that we’re doing okay. Turns out the sunsets here don’t suck!

Petaluma Sunset
Worried about us leaving our beautiful home we spent 15 years adding our personalized artistic touches to and making our own? Yeah, that was really hard, and this boring old rental home was in dire need of love. We immediately set to making this place our own and the first thing to go was the yucky wall-to-wall carpeting …

Living Room - Before Pic

which we replaced with amazing grain-elevator-turned-shiplap-flooring from Heritage Salvage in Petaluma. I LOVE this flooring! It’s so beautiful and has so much character.

Reclaimed douglas fir from Heritage Salvage
We lucked into both the flooring (a previous order fell through) and into immediate installation when a job was postponed! Unfortunately we hadn’t expected that and had JUST moved all our furniture into the house when we got word. *sigh*  But as Jon said, “Things are falling into place, we’d better get out of the way!” We managed to stay one step ahead of Scott, Oscar and David, shoving furniture from room to room as we went. And I have to admit, sleeping in the living room was weirdly fun.

The small doorway to the bedrooms created a weird space in the front room and a long, dark hallway behind it so we knocked out a 4′ section of the wall and opened things up. We are still in dire need of an electrician as light switches hanging from the ceiling are not really ideal but we are making progress and our home seems so much warmer and more “us” with the new/old floors.

Removed 4' of wall to open door/hall

Now I know some of you had concerns about us missing Seaside Market. I’ll admit that Seaside is wonderful, but when you can go in the back yard and pick organic apples off your very own tree you soon start to appreciate country living.
we think it's a stayman winesap apple
And the blackberries that grow alongside our entire property? They’re not terrible. In fact when you put the two together they might quite a lovely Apple-Blackberry Crisp!

picking fresh blackberries

Granted, the blackberries are a bit too enthusiastic. Our wonderful old barns are being consumed by blackberry brambles so we’ll have to tear those down pronto. Not to worry though, I’ve been assured they’ll return!

Our blackberry-covered barn
Now for all the people who asked me if the butterflies would find me here, I’m pleased to say that yes, they have. I even rescued a couple dozen Gulf Fritillaries that pupated on the patio furniture at a nearby cafe. I could see they were getting accidentally squished (as you can see – that green should be on the inside) so I brought them home and helped them eclose in safety.

Gulf Fritillary chrysalides
I had a hard time removing them from the furniture as I wasn’t able to get much of the silk pad that holds them in place. Not only that, they wiggle like crazy when you touch them! As a result of my inexperience they were emerging on their backs and unable to flip over and climb to dry their wings. Luckily I was able to check on them and assist as needed, and next time I’ll do better.

Gulf Fritillary Butterflies

I was so worried about them I brought them inside so I could get some work done on the computer but still keep an eye out. This beauty emerged in my dining room and looked so incredible with the sun shining through her wings!

Gulf Fritillary with Sunlight
So we can check butterflies off the concern list. Phew. I myself was worried I’d miss my favorite birds that visited our back yard in San Diego, but we have regular visits from owls, hawks, phoebes, doves, and even egrets from the nearby estuary. On top of that, I’ve got a flock of my own to look after! I wasn’t planning on having chickens right away, but our flooring guy talked me into it. Well, let’s say he begged me to take some chickens off his hands for the sake of his marriage, and how could I possibly argue? Scott soon reappeared with two hens and three little pullets and suddenly I’ve got chickens! Thankfully we already had a nice chicken coop to keep the girls safe from afore-mentioned owls, etc. The raccoons and foxes may prove to be another story but so far, so good. Here are Roxy and Millie helping me turn the compost pile.

Chickens helping turn the compost
I adore these girls, they are so fun to watch and easy to care for. Even better, I’ve got EGGS!

Aruacana Egg
And I have a new little pet, Miney, who, at the bottom of the Eenie, Meanie, Miney pecking order, prefers to hang out with me whenever possible. She really likes standing on my boot. Maybe it makes her feel taller? Anyway, she’s adorable and having a pet chicken is awesome.

Miney on my boot
In the midst of it all we have managed to have some fun trying new restaurants, hanging out with new and old friends, meeting the neighbors, shopping the local thrift and antique stores (how is it we have no living room furniture?) and even taking a beach break! We finally made the 10-minute drive to Dillon Beach, a gorgeous stretch at the north end of Tomales Bay, where we dipped our toes in the ocean and enjoyed a temporary respite from the heat. The big wave that splashed up my skirt was more proof than I needed that the water here is really cold!

Dipped our toes in the water at Dillon Beach
So as you can see, things are working out okay. We’ve been almost unbearably busy between unpacking, gardening, chicken-tending, cleaning, meeting with plumbers, contractors, septic guys and socializing but at least we’re not bored. It’s been hectic and fun and exciting and exhausting and now here it is a month in and just when we thought we might relax and take a breather… POD #2 – the tool and garden pod – arrives tomorrow. And so it continues…

~~~~~~~~~~ END POST ~~~~~~~~~~


15 Comments Add yours

  1. Pat Sherwood says:

    Sounds great! You have accomplished so much in such a short time! Your energy has no limits it seems! I’m looking forward to continued updates. Exciting to see what you and Jon will do.


    1. Sheri Fox says:

      Oh no, it definitely has limits! I’m just lucky we get to focus on this for a little while. Soon we’ll be back to work so we need to cram as much in as we can! Hopefully I’ll have more good stuff to share soon and actually get around to writing about it ~


  2. jon@scraphound.net says:

    I love reading your blog posts, even though I was there through most all of it. You’ve got a way of highlighting the good stuff and humorously mitigating the bad.

    Thank you!     http://www.ScrapHoundStudio.com


    1. Sheri Fox says:

      Aww thanks honey, I’m glad you don’t mind me sharing the good, bad and ugly. All in good fun 😉


  3. Hilda says:

    You’ve made some excellent choices!


    1. Sheri Fox says:

      Thank you! Definitely feels worth the trouble now 🙂


  4. Kathy Sturr says:

    So exciting! Happy for you and in absolute LOVE with that floor. I am now going to rip up my living room carpet pronto (even though I was going to wait until we finished er a few other projects – but why???). Don’t feel bad either, we still have open jacks in our ceilings from where we removed really brassy frilly ceiling fans that aren’t really necessary here in cool North Country. All in due time. So glad you are having fun!


    1. Sheri Fox says:

      No time to waste, get that new floor in! It changes everything! It’s such a hassle though, nothing quite disrupts life like having the floors done. It is hard to ignore the unfinished projects but all things considered, one little bank of dangling switches isn’t too bad. And I’m learning to leap just the right height to turn on the light I’m aiming for LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That first picture is SO amazing!!


    1. Sheri Fox says:

      And I swear I didn’t even tweak it! The sky here is incredible.


  6. Hey friend, I have been out of the loop and completely missed the fact that you moved. Sounds like all is well in your world and happy to see that your butterfly friends have followed. What prompted the change?


    1. Sheri Fox says:

      We’ve been dreaming of open space, clean air, real trees (vs palm trees) for many years, it just took us a while to realize everything we wanted was right here in Sonoma! And we are much closer to our parents, which was key. It’s really good to be back in NorCal, we had a good life in San Diego but we feel much more at home here.


  7. Susan Hays says:

    Hi Sheri,

    Just found your blog on my iPad. My computer was down for several days and I guess I didn’t receive it. Makes me happy to see how well your life is going.

    Love to you and Jon,


    Sent from my iPad



    1. Sheri Fox says:

      Thanks Susan! I wondered why I hadn’t heard from you 😉 Missing you guys so much but as you can see we are keeping busy. Hope life is good down there – come see us soon!! xoxo


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