Springtime is coming!!!

Okay people, brace yourselves. If you are following this blog you are about to be inundated with pictures of my backyard including but not limited to: baby birds, vegetable seedlings, flowers, baby vegetables, grown vegetables, grown birds, bird nests, butterflies, caterpillars, all types of food being grilled and dark blurry photos of skunks and raccoons. If you do not like these things you might as well just unfollow me now. Fair warning.

And so it begins…

First Hummingbird nest of 2014
Yesterday I spotted the first hummingbird nest of the season! This little Anna’s Hummingbird returns to our yard every year to nest. I say that with confidence while knowing full well that there are hundreds of Anna’s Hummingbirds around here and I honestly have no way of knowing this is the same one but because I want her to be we’re going with it. I call her Li’l Mama.

Hopefully we will end up with a couple cute babies, like these two from 2011:

Anna's Hummingbird Nest in flowering plum tree, San Diego, CA
I also spotted a pair of Yellow-Rumped Warblers dipping into the birdbath! Yay! I don’t know why it makes me so happy to see them using the birdbath but, I mean, how do they know? I’m hoping this is a nesting pair who are deciding whose yard is up to snuff for their babies. Crossing fingers they choose us…

Pair of yellow rumped warblers in the birdbath (San Diego, CA)
Pair of yellow rumped warblers in the birdbath

bird in the birdbath

Yellow rumped warbler
Yellow rumped warbler

That’s it for yesterday’s news. I can see I’m not going to get much work done this spring! Off to the workshop anyway… there are some mockingbirds eyeing the ficus outside my window 🙂


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